I just read another one of those awful stories about a woman who is being treated for breast cancer being abused by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. Because of my job, I get searched all the time. Which brings up my question. As American citizens we are supposed to be protected against unreasonable searches. The question is, does the government consider anything unreasonable? The TSA missed 90 percent of the contraband that agents attempted to smuggle past it. Is there any reason for them to be searching a woman clearly in poor health who is trying to live with some dignity?

On a more local level, does a private security guard hired by the city have the authority to look through my wallet? If so, what is the reason for that search, which I consider unreasonable?

Is there any group trying to protect the rights of citizens? Where is the ACLU?


The National Football League (NFL) has fewer fans tuning in this year than in previous years. It seems that the NFL has hired the same promoters as Hillary Clinton, and those people ignore about half the country. But here is hint to the NFL. If you would start fining players for not showing respect for this country and its flag and stop fining players for making snow angels, I’m pretty sure your numbers would start going back up.

The NFL appears to be out of touch with its fan base. More and more men are learning that the world doesn’t end if they miss a football game. It’s a lesson the NFL never wanted them to learn.


Gov. Pat McCrory has conceded to Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper, who will be the next governor. Republican attorney general candidate Buck Newton also conceded to Democrat Josh Stein, who will replace Cooper as attorney general. But the 2016 election isn’t completely over. Republican state auditor candidate Chuck Stuber has asked for a recount. The latest figures show Stuber trailing Democratic State Auditor Beth Wood by just under 6,000 votes.

Stuber has been asked not to demand a recount and save the state some money, but as Stuber noted, it makes sense for someone running for state auditor to be obsessed with getting the numbers right.


City Councilmember Yvonne Johnson, who is always early for meetings and fights a losing battle to get the council to operate more efficiently, tried to get the Tuesday Dec. 20 City Council meeting canceled. There isn’t much on the agenda and it is right before Christmas, but Johnson couldn’t muster the votes to cancel the meeting Tuesday night. Sometimes there are a couple of items that need to be taken care of before the end of the year and perhaps that will be the case.