Depending on how much you like snow, last week we either dodged a bullet or missed a great opportunity. Saturday the snow was beautiful but the temperature stayed just high enough to keep much from sticking. A couple of degrees colder and we would have had a real snowman, sledding snow, but all we got was the view.

I’ll have to check with the woolly worms again because a day of snow in early December, even if it doesn’t stick, seems to indicate a cold winter.


At least the Senate election in Alabama is finally over. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed the people of Alabama must be, because even here, where nobody could vote, the coverage appeared to be nonstop.

I hope Doug Jones does a good job for his constituents. When he signed up to run, it seemed it was only a question of what Republican would beat him in the general election, but anything can happen in politics, and often it does.


The City Council has been pretty quiet for the last few months, which is not unusual in an election year. The councilmembers were understandably distracted by the election.

But the first regular meeting of the new council on Tuesday, Dec. 19 is gearing up to be a humdinger. The approval of funding for the two new downtown parking decks is on the agenda. If the open house held this week is any indication, it will attract a crowd. But it’s extremely unlikely that the council, having come this far down the path, with the design of both decks in process, would not approve the funding.

The construction contract for the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts is also on the agenda. The contract came in at $56 million and that also seems very likely to pass.

But it looks like the first regular meeting for the two new members is going to be a long one. By the end of it the new councilmembers may feel like veterans.


I have a bird feeder outside the office window at my house, which I find incredibly interesting and distracting. When you’re supposed to be doing something else, bird watching can be mesmerizing.

But in the wee hours of Wednesday morning this week, the Muse and I spent more time than we had to spare staring out the window deer watching. I know that to our country cousins deer have become a nuisance, but we live right off Cornwallis Drive. We have occasionally had deer in the yard, but they have never been grazing right under our backyard light before.

Of course, the only reason we were able to watch them for so long was because my constant companion was dead asleep in a different part of the house. Eventually, she woke up and the deer evidently didn’t like being barked at any more than most people do and decided it was a good time to graze in somebody else’s yard, but I hope they come back.