When the Rhino Times wrote recently about a $8 million-plus renovation that was coming to the governmental plaza between the Melvin Municipal Office Building and the Old Guilford County Court House, one sentence in particular drew a lot of interest: “The project includes repairing damage to the plaza and the parking deck below, along with the construction of a new equipment ramp, a rectangular pergola on the plaza, a new monument and pedestal, and the installation of monument lighting.”

In particular, the interest was in the coming monument. As one reader asked: “It’s about time the plaza had a pergola. But I’m really curious who or what the monument will be dedicated to.”

It was a good question and the Rhino Times has found the answer. The statue will be one of Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston.

Not really, but given that Alston has been chairman nine times (and may have a lot more years in that position) that guess may be as good as any.

However, the true answer is not nearly so polarizing.

According to Guilford County Communications and Public Relations Director Julie Smith, the question remains open. As of yet, there are no set plans for the monument, she wrote in an email.

Smith added, “The design firm suggested putting a foundation base in place in the event the County wants to place a monument or art piece on the plaza in the future. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to consider that now versus once the project is complete due to the nature of the waterproofing work.”

One goal of the renovation project is to prevent water damage to the  underground parking lot below the plaza through better waterproofing.