The two members of Congress who represent Greensboro in Washington, DC, released statements today following the announcement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that the House was going to start an official impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump over what is being referred to as the Ukrainian scandal.

Trump tweeted today that he was releasing the full, unredacted transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian president. Trump says that the transcript will prove he did nothing wrong.

Sixth District Congressman Mark Walker stated, “House Democrats have been tilting at windmills in search of impeachment for the last three years and they now think they have found their Don Quixote in a leaker who is pushing secondhand rumors. After saying it ‘divides the country,’ Speaker Pelosi now says impeachment is a ‘healing process’ and is taking an action supported by barely one-third of American voters.

“Efforts to remove the elected President of the United States with no evidence of wrongdoing would leave the country even more divided and polarized than it is now. The Speaker knows this, but thinks appeasing the most radical liberals in her caucus is more important than the stability and prosperity of our nation. Her party is acting in Russia’s interest to further divide us.

“Congressman Al Green was honest on what this is about, ‘I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.’”

13th District Congressman Ted Budd stated, “President Trump is right to release the full, unredacted transcript of his call with the Ukrainian President. That’s the first-hand account of the call.  It’s incredibly reckless for House Democrats to base an impeachment inquiry on the second-hand account of a whistleblower whose attorney worked for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.”