The Guilford County Board of Commissioners can’t raise the sales tax without it being approved by the voters.

The commissioners are asking for the authority to raise the sales tax by 0.25 cents, for a total of 7 cents. The current rate is 6.75 cents

The Democratic majority on the Board of Commissioners has also been disingenuous about this proposed sales tax increase, linking it to a property tax reduction.  It isn’t linked to a property tax reduction.  The language on the ballot is the only restriction on how the additional sales tax revenue can be spent.  That language reads: “Local sale and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (0.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use taxes.”

In other words, if the voters decide to raise their own taxes, this simply puts more money in the commissioners’ pocket to spend however they see fit.

The Democratic majority on the Board of Commissioners is already promising the largest property tax increase in history.  It will not be a property tax rate increase, but a tax increase from property revaluation.  It appears the new property values will result in a tax increase equivalent to raising the rate by 15 cents or 20 cents.

On top of this massive property tax increase, the commissioners are asking the voters to agree to raise the sales tax on themselves.

There is nothing voters can do about the massive property tax increase, but voters can and should vote down the sales tax increase.

The voters of Guilford County have repeatedly voted down the attempts by the commissioners to get them to raise their own taxes and it should be voted down again.

It is true that the people who visit or pass through Guilford County and stop long enough to purchase something will pay a few pennies more in sales tax.  But for the people of Guilford County, it will be an increased tax they pay all day, every day.  Ask yourself who spends more money in Guilford County, the people who live here or the people passing through.  The answer is obvious.

Vote against the tax increase, early and often.