Nobody knows what the 14 congressional districts for the 2022 election are going to be.

The Democratic majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court last week declared the districts drawn by the Republican legislature as unconstitutional but offered little guidance on what would constitute constitutional districts.

At this point the legislature has been ordered to redraw the 14 congressional districts to comply with the North Carolina Constitution, something the legislature and the trial court agreed the legislature had done.

But the fact that nobody knows what the districts that are finally approved will look like hasn’t stopped candidates from declaring that they are running for Congress.

One of those candidates is Republican Bill Schuch of High Point, a first time candidate who has filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for Congress in North Carolina.  The filing lists the Schuch as a candidate in the 6th District.  The current 6th District includes all of Guilford County and a portion of Forsyth County and is represented by 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning.

However, the redistricting map that the NC Supreme Court declared unconstitutional moved the 6th District to include Orange, Durham and part of Wake counties.

At this point the 6th District could return to Guilford County or be pretty much anywhere in the state depending on who draws the districts that finally get approved.

A congressional candidate is not required to live in the district but can run in any district in the state, which is convenient for candidates in the 2022 election, since the primary is set for May 17 and, according the NC Supreme Court ruling, the districts don’t have to be approved until Feb. 23  – the day before filing for the 2022 election is set to reopen on Feb. 24.

According to Schuch’s campaign website, he is running as “the not crazy candidate.”

He has had enough of Democrats in Washington and says he will not be reaching across the aisle to get along with the Democrats.  On his website Schuch states, “If you are wiling to allow the ‘D’ next to your name then you are not my friend.”

He also states, “It is time to yell louder than they yell.  It is time to throw the crazy right back at them.  The one person that is feared by all bullies is when another bully becomes the opponent.  I am a BULLY.”