The Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC) has named Jon Lowder as its second president.

Marlene Sanford has been president of TREBIC since it was founded 22 years ago, and in June Sanford announced she would be stepping down as president as soon as a replacement was named.

Lowder has served as the executive director of the Piedmont Triad Apartment Association (PTAA) since 2009.

Brian Hall, chair of the TREBIC Board of Directors and director of development at Samet Corporation, in a press release said, “For the 22 years of its existence TREBIC has been fortunate to have the benefit of Marlene’s leadership, mentorship and expertise, all of which have greatly impacted the Piedmont Triad, the state of North Carolina and particularly the Real Estate and Construction industry.  We’re excited to have Jon assume this key leadership role at a time when TREBIC’s members will be called on as vital contributors to the Triad’s economic growth.”

Hall added, “I’m very confident that with Jon’s leadership TREBIC will continue as a strong coalition of top industry professionals advocating for responsible development, sustainable growth, and vibrant communities.  We will continue to be a positive partner with the community, actively participating in finding solutions to difficult community problems while preserving constitutionally protected private property rights.”

Sanford said, “Jon, is well-known, respected and such a great guy.  His selection sets us up for a smooth transition and continued success.”

Sanford noted that PTAA is a founding member of TREBIC and has been an unwavering lead association investor for the 22 years of TREBIC’s existence.

During Lowder’s 12 years as executive director of PTAA, it grew by 65 percent from 48,000 apartment units under management to 75,000 units.

In the past, Lowder and Sanford have partnered to advocate for effective rental housing policies at the local and state level.

In 2014 Lowder was named the Chris Christensen Association Executive of the Year by the National Apartment Association.  Currently, Lowder serves on Winston-Salem’s Affordable Housing Coalition and is chairman of Guilford County’s Partners Ending Homelessness.