It appears the transition of the American Hebrew Academy into a facility to house children who entered this country illegally has hit a bump in the road.

According to an article in the Floridian (, the US Department of Health and Human Services has put one of the contracts for the facility on hold.

The Floridian had previously reported that two companies, Deployed Resources and Deployed Services, which are owned by the same person, had both received contracts to do what appeared to be some of the same work.

A letter from Deployed Services LLC President and COO Thomas Ziemba to employees hired to work at the facility in Greensboro states that the proposed facility has been placed in “warm status.”

The letter states, “As we discussed earlier today in our team meeting, the US Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (‘ORR’) has informed Deployed Services that, effective immediately, they are placing the Greensboro Influx Care Facility (‘ICF’) into temporary ‘warm status’ while they complete their work to engage a contractor to perform facility management services at the site.”

Ziemba explains that by placing the Greensboro ICF on “warm” status, the funding for the operation of the facility is being reduced.

He also informs employees that some would have their work hours reduced, some will be returning home and that he didn’t know how long the warm status would last.

Ziemba states, “We do not know how long ‘warm status’ will last, but we are told by ORR that their intention is to return to full operations and open the ICF as soon as possible.”

Local officials appear to have little information about the plans for the ICF other than what has been reported in the media.

Questions have been raised about the zoning of the property and if land that was zoned for a private school can be converted to federal influx care facility without going through the rezoning process.