The multi-year battle between farmer and developer David Couch and some leaders of Summerfield is likely about to come to an end, at least for this year.

Wednesday, June 26 is D-day for a proposed plan by Couch to remove nearly 1,000 acres from the town so that he can build a residential and mixed-use development in the manner, and with the density, that he desires.

Many Summerfield residents are hoping that the “D” in D-day doesn’t turn out to stand for “De-annexation” day.

This week, a lot of people interested in the matter learned just how complicated the operation of state government is, because there was a great deal of confusion as to how the process was taking place.

However, the short version is that on Monday, June 24 the NC Senate approved House Bill 909. That was an initially relatively non-controversial bill until the issue of the proposed Summerfield de-annexation was tacked onto it – which then made it a very controversial bill indeed.

The Senate only approved the bill after a series of fits and starts, which made many political observers believe that Senate proponents wanted to be certain the votes were there in the House to pass the bill as well.

Many Summerfield residents – and residents of other small towns in the state who are worried about the same thing happening to their town – plan to show up for a demonstration in Raleigh at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 26 in a last-minute attempt to get the NC House to vote down the bill.

 (The House actually previously approved House Bill 909; however, since the Senate changed the bill, it must go back to the House for approval before becoming law.)

Since it’s a local bill affecting a single county, the governor of the state doesn’t get a chance to weigh in on the decision.

If Couch is able to have the land for his planned “Villages of Summerfield” removed from the town, that land would become part of unincorporated Guilford County at the end of this month. Therefore, after that point, it would not be subject to the same development standards that the Town of Summerfield has been asking Couch to comply with for his planned community.