Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Executive Administrative Assistant Catherine Netter is no longer with the Sheriff’s Department.

On Monday morning, July 15, her bio, picture and other information had been removed from the Sheriff’s Department’s website, and Guilford County government, in response to a public records request, informed the Rhino Times that Netter is no longer a county employee as of Monday, July 15.

Netter was named to the Executive Administrative Assistant job after Sheriff Danny Rogers was elected sheriff last November.  She was one of the first people selected by Rogers to help lead the department and, by all accounts, she was one of the most powerful people in the department.  Though her name had not been in the media much over the last seven months, Netter, who is extremely opinionated, has been a lightening rod of attention in the department.

She hit the public radar in a big way last week when she spoke to the Rhino Times on a theory that is apparently not shared by many people:  In a Facebook post, Netter argued that the game of Eight-ball is racist because victory is achieved by the white ball knocking the balls of color off the table – and the game-winning move comes by knocking the black eight-ball off the table.

Netter graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1993 and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education in 2003.  She began her career as an Adult Probation & Parole Officer in Mecklenburg County before working for the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department under former Sheriff BJ Barnes.  She was later fired by Barnes before being rehired years later by Rogers.