The Guilford County Board of Commissioners has already started showing a little Christmas spirit even though Christmas is still a month away and there’s a pandemic going on.

The board recently handed out raises to the county employees who report to the board, and those raises will go into effect in mid-January, One county director – Guilford County Elections Director Charlie Collicutt was not awarded a raise in this round of raises – even though he was scheduled to get one at this time of year. In that case, the very busy Board of Elections had not yet had time to make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners regarding Collicutt’s salary – however, he should know the amount of his raise soon after the commissioners get that recommendation.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, after a closed session at the end of a Board of Commissioners meeting, the board came out into a nearly empty meeting room and announced raises for the employees that the board directly oversees. Most of the county’s more than two dozen department heads are overseen by Guilford County Manager Marty Lawing, but the directors that work directly for the Board of Commissioners or are elected officials are awarded raises by the commissioners each year.

The discussions leading to the raises were held in closed session; job performance reviews are a legally protected as exemptions to the state’s open public meeting laws.

County staff said that this year board relied heavily on software that measures employee performance against pre-selected objective goals and then generates a suggested raise that’s meant to help guide the board in its decision.

Here are the county employees who will now have a little extra money in their pockets going forward.

  • Guilford County Clerk to the Board Robin Keller got a 3.6 percent raise, for a new salary of $92,683 annually.
  • Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne got 2.5 percent raise, making his new salary $185,898 a year.
  • Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis got a 3.5 percent raise, bringing his yearly total to $137,965
  • Sheriff Danny Rogers got a 3 percent raise, which makes his annual salary now $167,908.
  • Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen is now at $133,516 a year after his 3 percent raise.
  • And last, but certainly not least, County Manager Marty Lawing was given a 2.8 percent raise, making his new annual salary $226,121.