In honor of Thanksgiving, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department was doing a good deed to create some holiday cheer this week.

Rather than playing grinches by pulling over drivers and telling them how fast they were going, they were handing out meals.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers and others in the department were out helping a non-profit feed the less fortunate at a time of the year when everyone should have at least one good meal.

During the pandemic, there are a large number of people who are out of work and some of those unemployed are struggling to get a nice Thanksgiving meal for themselves. This week, national newscasts have shown very long lines across America of people waiting for free holiday meals for their families.

On Wednesday, the department was helping “C U Soar 321” to help feed the community by giving out meals to the needy at 2005 Boulevard St. in Greensboro.

The only criterion for qualifying for a meal was that the recipients had to show proof that they were residents of Guilford County.

Many people don’t realize it, but, during the pandemic, non-profit’s like C U Soar 321 have faced challenges due to an increase in demand at the same there was a drop in donations.

This summer, Guilford County government got a $94-million coronavirus relief grant and some of that went to helping area non-profits continue to do their work.

C U Soar 321 is a Guilford County non-profit that generally focuses its services on children and adults with domestic violence, parenting and related issues. It’s stated goal is to play a role in making those lives better.