Greensboro and Winston-Salem, because of proximity and a similarity in size, are often compared.

The Triad Business Journal this week published the salaries of the top 25 city employees in both cities, making that comparison pretty easy.  All salary figures are from the Triad Business Journal.

Overall, Greensboro pays its top city employees a lot more than Winston-Salem.  Although cities organize their governments differently, the most basic comparison is that Greensboro pays more.

For instance, the lowest of the top 25 salaries in Greensboro is Senior Manager, Information Technology Chryste Hofer at  $133,727, while the lowest of the top 25 Winston-Salem city employees is Deputy City Attorney Anargiros Kontos at $112,470.  So the 25th top salary in Greensboro is $21,000 higher than the corresponding salary in Winston-Salem. 

And at the top of the list, the top paid city employee in Greensboro is Coliseum Manager Matt Brown at $368,392, while the top paid city employee in Winston-Salem is City Manager Lee Garrity at $212,487.

The salary of Greensboro City Manager David Parrish is $221,433.

The third highest paid Greensboro city employee is City Attorney Chuck Watts, who is paid $213,283, in comparison to Winston-Salem City Attorney Angela Carmon, who is paid $188,559.

Winston-Salem is higher for a couple of positions.  The highest paid assistant city manager in Winston-Salem, Latasha Logan Ford, has a salary of $177,045, while the highest paid Greensboro assistant city manager, Chris Wilson, makes $160,925.

Winston-Salem also pays its police chief more than Greensboro.  Winston-Salem Police Chief Carina Thomson makes $176,816 while Greensboro Police Chief Brian James is paid $153,025.

The Greensboro director of the Department of Transportation, Hanna Cockburn, is paid $141,577, while the Winston-Salem director of transportation, Toneq McCullough, is paid $120,721.

Greensboro Planning Director Sue Schwartz (Suzanna Smotherman) is paid $142,877 while Winston-Salem Planning and Development Services Director Aaron King is paid $127,500.

The estimated population of Greensboro according to the 2020 census is 299,946 while the estimated population of Winston-Salem is 249,355.