The ribbon cutting for the Hammer Tiny House Community on Causey Street was held Saturday, June 1 with over a hundred people in attendance.  The board members and many of the volunteers who had a hand in the construction of Tiny House Community Development Inc. were more than a little bit excited about having completed the project.

Tiny House Executive Board Chair Scott Jones explained that it all started with a conversation at the International Resource Center in 2012.  He said a prototype tiny house was built in 2014 and in 2017 the land was purchased by Tiny House board member Teri Hammer and her husband David. (No relation to the writer of this article.)

According to Jones over 1,500 volunteers worked on building the six homes that range from a little under 400 square feet to 500 square feet and each will house one person who has struggled with homelessness.  The homes each have a kitchen, living area, bathroom and bedroom.  Even with a crowd of people walking through the houses didn’t feel small inside.  The architectural details make each house look and feel unique.

The Hammer Tiny House Community the first of its kind in North Carolina, but according to Jones it is far from the last.  He said Tiny House Community Development has two sites in High Point and are working on obtaining a second site in Greensboro.

One of the homes was occupied before the ribbon cutting, but Jones said that in a matter of days all six will be occupied and six people who will each have a home of their own.

Before the ribbon was cut, Jones talked about all the successes they had while putting together the plan, forming a nonprofit, obtaining the land, clearing the land and getting the site ready and finally building the houses.  Since the process from thought to completion took seven years, there had to be a lot of disappointments and hurdles to overcome along the way, but Jones simply talked about one success after another leaving those hurdles behind.

Jones said the community represented an investment of over $250,000 in the community.