Despite massive tax increases the past two years, Greensboro isn’t spending enough money to maintain its streets to the same level as similar municipalities in the state that have lower and, in some cases, much lower property tax rates.

According to a report given at the Greensboro City Council work session last week by the Greensboro Department of Transportation, the pavement condition of the streets in Greensboro were rated according to the Federal Highway Administration methodology at 61 which is listed as “Poor.”

Using the same federal rating system Raleigh rated 83, Winston-Salem rated 83, Charlotte rated 82 and Cary rated 81. This puts all of them in the “Good” category for street pavement condition according to the federal rating system.

Rated in the “Fair” category were Concord, Apex, Chapel Hill, Wilson and Hickory.

In the information provided Greensboro finished dead last and was the only city that had its streets rated as “Poor.”

According to the report Greensboro spends $3.8 million of vehicle registration fee revenue, $2.7 million of Powell Bill (state) revenue and $400,000 from water and sewer fees on resurfacing streets.

Many people don’t realize that a portion of their water bill goes to resurfacing streets, but in Greensboro it does.

According to the report, if the city continues to fund street resurfacing at the current level, streets are going to be in much worse condition in 2040.  The report projects that at the current rate of expenditure by 2040 the condition of the streets will have dropped from 61 which is poor to 38 which is also listed as poor on the chart which lists 0-26 as “Very Poor.”

If the expenditure is almost doubled to $13.1 million a year the result will only be two points on the scale and the projected rating for the condition of Greensboro’s streets in 2040 is 40.

If the expenditure is increased to $16 million a year the projected rating in 2040 only increases to 57. So the streets would be worse than they are now, but not a whole lot worse.

According to the report currently in Greensboro 33.2 percent of the streets are rated “Good/Very Good” and 56.3 percent are rated as Poor/Very Poor.”

At the current funding level by 2043 the projection is that 13.5 percent of the streets will be rated “Good/Very Good” and 63.7 percent will be rated “Poor/Very Poor.”