The Carroll Companies has purchased the former 140,000-square-foot Macy’s department store at 5410 Hornaday Road with plans to revitalize the building into a Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar.

There are currently 40 Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar locations either completed or under construction, but this would be the first in a repurposed building.

The Carroll Companies, which owns this publication, also purchased an adjacent 8,800-square-foot property at 5402 Hornaday Road.  Both properties together total about 10.3 acres.

Along with the Bee Safe on the Macy’s property The Carroll Companies also plans to build a Car Caves facility.  Car Caves, the latest brand by Carroll, is a destination created for automotive collectors and enthusiast where they can customize and design their own showrooms and garage spaces.  Car Caves provides a space for car collectors to create a retreat and build a community that celebrates automotive culture.  At the center of each Car Cave community is an exclusive lounge where members can socialize and unwind with other likeminded individuals.

The first Car Caves is set to open in Greensboro at 1016 Battleground Ave. next to the Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar later this year.

At the Hornaday Road site, The Carroll Companies is also considering building its first mini cold storage facility.  Roy Carroll, the founder and president of The Carroll Companies, said, “This is concept we have been looking into for nearly a year.  We think there might be an opportunity to provide mini cold and freezer storage to both private businesses and the general public.  Food safety and supply is a growing issue that has businesses and the public stocking up on perishables to ensure that supply is available when needed.  This could be a restaurant that has had a hard time maintaining food stock, or an individual that doesn’t have the space or desire to purchase a freezer.  This is an unproven concept, and we will see if it works.”

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