People like to complain about other drivers and newcomers to North Carolina seem to feel somewhat obligated to voice their concerns that Tar Heel drivers don’t drive like the folks back home with the obvious belief that the folks back home drive correctly.

Those folks won’t like the results of a recent study that shows North Carolina drivers are among the best in the nation.

Unlike other studies that rank drivers based on statistics such as the number of DWIs or speeding tickets per capita, this study was based on the firsthand experiences of drivers who spend a lot of time on the roads.

The study by From Road Royalty to Racing Rebels: Gunther VW Delray surveyed 3,000 drivers who regularly drive across multiple states and had them rate the drivers of each state on a 1 to 10 basis.

North Carlina rated 6.9 which was better than the national average of 6.7.

Alabama had the lowest rating at 5.7 and according to this study the best drivers in the country are in Nevada where drivers rated 7.5.

This is what the report had to say about North Carolina drivers. “North Carolina drivers hover above the national average (6.7), solidifying their place among the country’s best motorists. Whether navigating the busy thoroughfares of Charlotte or cruising the scenic byways of the Outer Banks, there’s a palpable sense of mutual respect among motorists. The state’s diverse topography, which includes mountainous curves and coastal flatlands, has produced drivers who are adept at handling a range of road conditions with ease and confidence. Furthermore, the spirit of community, so deeply ingrained in North Carolinian culture, often translates to the road in the form of polite waves, patient waits, and an unspoken understanding among drivers.”

So North Carolina drivers got a lot of points for politely waving to each other rather than giving other drivers the one fingered wave which is so popular in some areas.

If you’d like to check out other states, you can do so here: Interactive map showing how each state scored