Summerfield Mayor BJ Barnes, who’s the former longtime Guilford County sheriff and is known for his strong opinions on many things, has been banned from Facebook.  Before the ban, Barnes was an avid Facebook user who expressed his views on everything from national politics to how his successor was performing as the county’s new sheriff.

“I was banned the first time after a post about Obiden and how his incompetence was harming the economy, the border and how we were the laughingstock of the world,” Barnes said. “That lasted about a month before one of the three IT people I had working on it finally was able to get me back on with a new page – meaning I lost my approximately 9,000 followers with having to begin a new page.”

Barnes said that new account was very short lived. 

“That page lasted one post and about three hours before they blocked me again,” he said. “This time they said it was irreversible.”

Barnes said he was provided no reason other than “community standards,” which Barnes called “a blanket reason with no specifics.”

Barnes, one of the most prominent Republicans in Guilford County, often used his Facebook page to defend former President Donald Trump and promote other well-known Republican political leaders.

  The Summerfield mayor said the motivation for the social media giant banning him must have been political since he never engaged in other activities that might get a user banned from the site.  He said he didn’t use or allow foul language or racist remarks on his Facebook page. 

“I did not ban folks with dissenting opinions, but they banned me anyway,” he said.  “I did have many of the local liberals respond on the page – and the dialogue with my conservative friends and them was spirited.  My regret is I have many folks who followed the page religiously and would comment regularly and they now wonder what happened to me.”

He said many former followers had called and emailed to ask why he was no longer posting. 

Barnes said he’s now thinking of starting his own website to offset not being on Facebook.