Former Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes knows a thing or two about law enforcement and he’s now using that knowledge and experience to craft storylines for his new career as a budding author. 

Barnes, who is the mayor of Summerfield, has just released is second book – titled “The Garbage Man.”

The book is the second in a trilogy that’s sometimes set at Sunset Beach, North Carolina – a place where Barnes likes to kick back and relax.

The first book in the trilogy was called “Sunrise at Sunset.”

Though Sunset Beach in real life is known for being a lazy vacation spot, in the fictional world Barnes has created the small coastal town is “rocked to the core by a terrorist plot that ended in murder and intrigue.”

 One of the main characters in the trilogy is Sheriff TJ Slone.  Could it be based on Sheriff BJ Barnes?

 Regardless,  Sloan finds himself “fighting for his family and his country.”

Barnes said he’s already hard at work on the third book of the trilogy.

“The last book of the three is in the works now,” Barnes said.

When he was told that he was currently cranking out books at about the same rate as Stephen King, Barnes said he wished he were getting as much money as King for his books.

Word has it that Barnes has used some characters from Guilford County as models for characters in the books, so you may want to pick up a copy and see if you’re in them. Barnes may also ask you to decide who should play you in the movie.

According to Barnes, the new book, The Garbage Man is the tale of the ongoing threat that everyone thought was over.

The book’s description on Amazon states that, “Slone and the Garbage Man find themselves battling drug cartels, terrorists and bureaucrats with America’s security in the balance.”

 The the new book takes place in North Carolina, Mexico, Texas and Washington DC, and there are worldwide implications for the danger that could be unleashed.

For those who would like to pick up a copy of the paperback for $14.99 plus tax, check out this link to Amazon: