If you were planning to attend the Guilford delegation town hall meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at Peeler Recreation Center, you just got a night off, because the meeting has been postponed.

The meeting held by the state representatives and senators who represent Guilford County in Raleigh was originally scheduled for Wednesday, July 31, and that was postponed to Aug. 20, which has now been postponed.

State Rep. Pricey Harrison sent out two newsletters on Monday. The first one included an invitation to the town hall meeting August 20. The second notification was that the town hall meeting had been postponed.

The reason for the postponement is simple: The Democrats who oppose the Republican budget can’t afford to miss a single legislative session, which includes not leaving early for a town hall meeting in Greensboro.

The North Carolina Constitution states that the state House and Senate can override the governor’s veto with a vote equaling 60 percent of those present and voting. The Republicans reportedly have the votes needed in the Senate but need three more Democratic votes in the House to override the veto. For those opposed to the budget, missing a meeting is almost as bad as voting for the override because it means the Republicans need fewer votes to override the veto.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore has the budget override vote included on the House agenda every day, so if a few Democrats don’t show up and the Republicans can get to 60 percent with the votes they already have, a vote can be taken. If the Democrats in the Guilford delegation got up and left a session early, that very well could happen.

So it appears what might be the smart move for the Guilford delegation is not to schedule another town hall meeting until after the budget battle is over, and at this point the end doesn’t appear in sight.