The primary is supposed to determine the candidates for the general election in November.

However, if no candidates in the other party filed then the winner of the primary essentially has won the seat, and there were a number of those races in Guilford County.

In the March 3 primary, in the Guilford County Board of Education District 7 race, Bettye Taylor Jenkins with 6,987 votes for 61.4 percent won the three-way primary, and with no Republican opponent in November can be extremely confident about winning that race.

Jayvon Johnson finished second with 2,805 for 24.6 percent.

District 7 Board of Education member Byron Gladden finished third with 1,583 votes for 13.9 percent.

Gladden was seen as a swing vote on the school board, which may not have been popular with his constituents.

He also had a challenge to his residency that was settled when Gladden changed the address on his voter registration, but the fact that a claim was made that he didn’t reside in the district did not help his campaign.

District 1 Board of Education member T. Dianne Bellamy-Small won the Democratic primary with 4,383 votes for 56.1 percent and, with no Republican challenger, essentially won another four-year term on the board.

Bellamy-Small defeated Jeff Golden with 2,854 votes for 36.5 percent and Ron Tuck with 575 votes for 7.3 percent.

There are no Republican opponents for the four NC District Court judge Democratic primaries on the ballot, so all the winners essentially won a seat on the bench.

Caroline Tomlinson-Pemberton with 36,848 votes for 52.1 percent defeated Tomakio Gause with 33,818 votes for 47.8 percent.

Angela Foster with 39,376 votes for 55.5 percent defeated Michele Lee with 31,497 votes for 44.4 percent.

Kelvin Smith with 40,049 votes for 57.2 percent defeated Gavin Reardon with 29,886 votes for 42.7 percent.

And Brian Tomlin with 38,267 votes for 54.7 percent defeated Moshera Mills with 31,652 votes for 45.2 percent.