Anyone who’s been driving around Greensboro lately knows how disruptive to traffic flow sewer line work and related work can be.

Hopefully, a new project in High Point will not eventually lead to the same fate for the county’s second largest city.

On Thursday, March 28, the City of High Point Public Services Department announced that it had contracted CHA Consulting to perform “a sanitary sewer evaluation” in the Upper Boulding Branch sewer basin that’s located east/northeast of the downtown area – including the areas between North Main Street, Eastchester Drive, I-74 and Martin Luther King Drive.

The work will start on Monday, April 1 and last through the summer.

According to city officials, the “sanitary sewer evaluation will identify inflow and infiltration defects throughout the system that are causing system surcharging and increased flow volumes during rain events.”

 As part of the project, crews will be inspecting sewer manholes and what’s beneath.

 Hopefully, they won’t find so many problems that they have to – as seems to be the case in Greensboro – dig up half the city to make the repairs.

The work crews in High Point are also planning to perform smoke testing and wet weather inspections.

The smoke testing won’t start until late April or perhaps early May.

Before smoke testing in any area, a notice will be hung on the doorknobs of houses and businesses in the vicinity. Workers aren’t expecting any disturbances to private property as a result of the sewer evaluation work.

People with concerns, or those who have requests for additional information about the project, can find solace and answers by contacting the High Point Public Services Department at 336-883-3166 or 336-883-3215.