The Guilford County Planning Board is holding a meeting on Wednesday, April 10 at which the board will consider rezoning requests for two lots currently zoned Agricultural and consider allowing more types of development on a third lot already zoned Limited Business.

 The three properties under consideration for rezoning will be the subject of legislative hearings, which is held for the board to hear public comments on a proposed legislative decision – that is, in simpler language, a rezoning request.

The April 10 meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the Carolyn Coleman Conference Room – formerly the Blue Room – on the first floor of the Old Guilford County Court House at 301 W. Market St. in Greensboro.

One case involves rezoning 14 acres at 7603 Royster Road in Guilford County’s Center Grove Township, which is about 2,200 feet southeast of NC 150 West.

 If the rezoning request is successful, that property will be rezoned from Agricultural to Residential (RS-40).

Another case to be heard at the April meeting involves just under 50 acres at 209 E Sheraton Park Road in the Sumner and Fentress townships. That’s about 3,000 feet east of Randleman Road. The property may, if the Planning Board votes to approve,  be rezoned from Agricultural To Conditional Zoning-Light Industrial.  The zoning is conditioned with over 30 uses banned.  A few of those not allowed would be using it for a homeless shelter, a water park, a fraternity house, a landfill or a go-cart racetrack.

The third rezoning request is 1 acre at 6000 Osceola-Ossipee Road in the Washington Township. The request is to rezone this property from Limited Business to General Business with some very constraining conditions placed on it.

The land is southeast of the intersection of High Rock Road and Osceola-Ossipee Road and it would be limited to only two possible uses – an automobile repair shop and a car wash.

Also, the business there would be prohibited from operating past 8 p.m.