The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is taking part in an initiative called NC SAFE Week –with SAFE being an acronym for “Secure All Firearms Effectively.”

The Office is calling this a “Week of Action,” starting on Sunday, June 2, and running through Saturday, June 8.

The Week of Action isn’t just local; it’s a state-wide campaign dedicated “to educating the community about safely securing firearms to make our communities safer.”

 Sheriff’s officials are inviting everyone to come out and join officers and other speakers on Monday, June 3 in the office’s effort to spread awareness about the importance of storing guns safely.

At the event, a limited amount of gun locks and gun safes will be given out for free.

According to Sheriff’s Office officials, “Gun safety is crucial in preventing accidental injuries and ensuring that firearms are stored securely to protect all members of the household.”

 The goal of the June 3 event is to offer people in the community the tools and knowledge they need to engage in responsible gun ownership.

It will take place on June 3, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Hallelujah Baptist Church at 2058 Guyer Street in High Point.

As anyone who watches the news knows, in recent years, several mass shootings have been conducted by shooters who obtained access to guns left unsecured by others – and that goes for many suicides and other gun deaths as well.

Some strategies for securing guns include simple – and inexpensive – options like trigger locks and gun cases as well as more expensive options such as thick gun safes.

Each year about 50,000 people die from gun-related incidents across the country, including murders, suicides, accidental shootings, law enforcement shootings and other gun deaths.