A posting on the popular neighborhood news and social app Nextdoor had a lot of people upset recently due to a group of kids who were allegedly treating much beloved local geese horribly.

The initial poster put up a picture of the three youngsters and stated, “Does anyone know whose kids these belong to? They are walking on Eagle Rd. shooting a BB gun at people’s cars, geese and they’re babies, and trying to get in cars in the parking lot! Needs to be stopped asap before someone or an animal is shot! Parents, know where your kids are and what they are doing!”

(The Rhino Times isn’t running the picture because they are juveniles.)

The reactions were just as one might guess.

“Makes my d@mn blood Boil..!!!” one responder wrote.

That wasn’t the only recent example of people in the area abusing geese.

One person wrote, “The girls at Walmart customer service told me that someone purposely drove through the parking lot and killed two adult geese two days ago…. It wasn’t an accident. They sped up and you can tell because the geese were destroyed…. Nothing left…There’s a bunch of adult geese and babies up there.”

Others on the Nextdoor app saw these incidents as a larger sign that Greensboro is getting to be a much scarier place to live in than it used to be – given the animal cruelty, the rise in murders and the way people drive and engage in brazen shoplifting.

“Our sleepy nice town is no more,” the poster wrote, adding that the police are overwhelmed and there needs to be more local and federal law enforcement addressing drugs, trafficking and car theft rings in the area.

Another suggested a curfew on all children under a certain age – with parents being the ones punished if their kids are caught out after hours.

“These kids are bold and don’t care!” the Nextdoor commenter wrote. “Their parents need to be held responsible! It’s just a matter of time! They were chasing the geese and babies with long sticks Sunday!”

If you do witness someone harming wild life, you can call the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Goose abuse is nothing new for Greensboro.

In the summer of 2003, the News and Record ran a story headlined, “Three Teenagers Cited In Death Of Goose At Park” with the sub head, “The Bird, Named Aflac, Had Been An Attraction At Country Park For A Year.”

Three teenagers, the article said, used an air pistol to kill one of the park’s popular Canada geese. The teens were cited as adults for discharging a firearm in the city and causing malicious damage.

In that 2003 article, the manager of Country Park said the dead goose was named Aflac, a beloved park attraction that was named for the famous bird in the Aflac insurance television commercials.

 “What angers me is we have so many people out here coming to the park to feed the geese,’ the park manager stated at that time, “Now we have to answer the questions of children and parents. They ask, ‘Where’s the goose?’  He’s part of the regular population here, like the people are.”