Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers is asking the county’s voters to give him another four years in office. 

Rogers told the Rhino Times this week that he felt like the Sheriff’s Department had been making positive changes and benefiting the community under his watch and he will ask the voters to stick with him in the 2022 election.

“I’m running,” Rogers said emphatically.  “I’ve really never stopped running.”

Rogers added that, ever since he was elected to the position in November of 2018, he’s known that he would seek a second term.

Three years ago, Rogers, a Democrat, stunned a great many people in the county by beating Republican incumbent Sheriff BJ Barnes after Barnes had held that job for about a quarter of a century. 

Speaking of Barnes, it’s still possible that there could be a rematch of the 2018 race.  This summer, Barnes told the Rhino Times that he hadn’t ruled out running in 2022 and he added that a large number of people had been encouraging him to do so. 

Barnes now serves as the mayor of Summerfield.

Regardless of what Barnes decides to do, it should be a very interesting sheriff’s race next year because the word around the county is that a good number of candidates plan to file to run on both sides of the ticket. 

It’s likely the ballot will contain former employees of Barnes and Rogers.

When Rogers was elected to the job, he faced a Republican-led board of commissioners that he often bumped heads with. However, he currently works with a board that has a 7-to 2-Democratic majority.  That has made life a little easier on the sheriff but he still often disagrees with the board over some initiatives he’d like to see more funding for.