Republicans Need To Get To Work

Dear Editor,

In spite of the fact that President Donald Trump would come across as arrogant, bombastic, somewhat conceited and downright in-your-face, there were plenty of times when I would be first to applaud and support him because he did the right thing for the country and the people and was not afraid to tell the other side to stuff it. Because of that, more people with his basic point of view and attitude decided to run for office as Republicans/conservatives – and won.

Four years later the Democrat/liberal/socialist mob, using questionable tactics and methods, not only brought what I refer to as the Great American Rally to an end, but in an incredibly and extremely quick period of time not only ended it, but reversed the results and continue to do so. 

The D/L/S mob has made a major error by making their agenda so contemptuously and blatantly obvious, including their plan to try to change how our elections are done as the first step towards a system of socialism/communism. If we allow this to happen, we deserve what happens.

We, the Republican/conservative party, must start working now to regain control. The upcoming mid-term elections are the foundation for accomplishing this. And it’s not just getting Republicans back in the majority of both Houses, but the right Republicans/conservatives. We need people like Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Rep. Ted Budd and others like them. Ordinary people who decided to run for office partly because they were tired of the “professional politicians” who have taken over what started as a government of “we the people” and gradually, quietly turned it into a “We know what’s best for the people” body of rulers. People who want and do represent all of us, not just those that have the money and the power. They may not agree with what everybody says, but they at least listen to the logical arguments instead of the ravings of lunatics, and weigh the facts and effects when making those decisions.

The opportunity to peacefully stop this madness comes in 2022, hopefully before the D/L/S can lock us out (or up like they want to). We must get out the like-minded people and get them to vote.

First the House and the Senate, then the White House in 2024.

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Carpe diem.

Alan Marshall