If the 2022 swearing-in ceremony for Democratic Sheriff Danny Rogers is anything like the swearing-in held four years ago, then there will be a whole lot of pageantry, speeches, photo-ops and activity on Monday, Dec. 5 when that ceremony takes place at the Guilford County Courthouse in downtown High Point.

In December of 2018, then Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers shook things up a little by being sworn in in High Point rather than Greensboro – the county seat and the place where county sheriffs had been sworn in in the past.

This year, three hours before Rogers is sworn in in High Point, other county officials who won in the November election will be sworn in at a Monday, Dec. 5 morning ceremony in Greensboro at a meeting of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners in the Old Guilford County Court House.

Rogers, who was born in High Point and lives in Jamestown, served as an officer in the High Point Police Department years ago and has other close ties with the city. He graduated from Southwest Guilford High School in High Point.

in 2018, Rogers – the first African-American sheriff in the history of Guilford County – beat out six-term office holder Sheriff BJ Barnes, and, this year, Rogers beat Republican contender Phil Byrd to hold onto the job as Guilford County’s top law enforcement officer for another four-year term.

Rogers is inviting the public to the ceremony, which will be held at 1 p.m. Monday in Room 4-A of the courthouse in High Point.

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department sent out a public invitation for those who wish to attend.

“Sheriff Danny H. Rogers cordially invites the community to join him as he is sworn in for his second term as the Guilford County Sheriff,” it reads. “The swearing-in ceremony will be conducted by The Honorable Superior Court Judge R. Stuart Albright. Sheriff Rogers was first sworn into the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office on December 3, 2018. … Sheriff Rogers is honored to be re-elected as your Sheriff and he asks that you join him in entering his second term.”