Sedalia Town Council members are remaining silent about harsh allegations against the council by longtime Sedalia Town Council Member Valerie Jones, who just resigned over her concerns over the way the council handles business and treats white residents.

Jones told the Rhino Times she had several reasons for stepping down, including her belief that councilmembers were displaying animosity towards her because she, a black woman, is dating a white man. Another major issue she had with the all-black Town Council was the councils’ treatment of a resident, Ed Piotrowski, a white man who had run for office.

She said they even told Piotrowski that he had violated the law by recording a Town Council meeting on his phone and posting the audio on Facebook.

Jones also said the belligerent Town Council members do whatever they choose and never feel they have to answer to anyone.

“They are going to say, ‘No comment, no comment, no comment,’” Jones said of the board’s treatment of Piotrowski and other matters. “They all follow the mayor’s lead, and he will say ‘No comment,’ and they will say ‘No comment.’”

Sedalia Mayor Howard Morgan, when asked to discuss some Sedalia matters, said that any questions needed to be submitted in writing.  When sent an email containing written questions, he did not respond.  When texted, he texted back that he will not answer questions on Piotrowski.  His text stated that that matter had been “thoroughly discussed” by the council, the town attorney and Piotrowski. The mayor never responded to the Rhino Times verbally or in writing to any questions about Piotrowski or questions on any other matters.

Town Councilmember Ophelia Jones also did not answer any questions.

She said, “If you want some information, you need to talk to the mayor. I am not authorized to give out any information with regard to Sedalia.”

Town Councilmember Shinita Wrenwick also refused to answer questions and said, “I would like you to direct your questions to town hall.”

Town Councilmember Serita Faison did not return phone messages or emails.