It’s good to work for the Greensboro City Council.

The City Council doesn’t have any problem spending other people’s money – in this case, tax dollars on their two employees.

It is fortunate for the taxpayers that the City Council only has two employees, so the City Council can only spend so much.

Before the Tuesday, March 15 meeting, the City Council held the annual review of one of its employees, City Attorney Chuck Watts.  Evidently the review went well because the City Council unanimously approved a raise of $32,000, to $245,000.  Watts was making $214,000 a year, so that is a 15 percent salary increase and it is retroactive back to December 2021, which was the review date.

It is even more generous when you consider that Watts was hired as Greensboro city attorney on June 1, 2019, at a salary of $190,000 a year, and in the past two-and-a-half years Watts’ salary has increased by about 30 percent.

The previous city attorney, Tom Carruthers, was being paid $180,000 when he resigned in October 2018.

The City Council was just as generous with its other employee, City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba, who was hired on Feb. 1 at a salary of $280,000 a year.

The previous city manager, David Parrish, was promoted to city manager in June 2018 at a salary of $194,000.  In October 2019, Parrish received a 6 percent raise to $217,000.

However, neither the city attorney nor the city manager, despite significant raises, are any where close to being Greensboro’s highest paid city employee.   That distinction goes to Greensboro Coliseum Complex Manager Matt Brown, whose salary in 2021 was $368,000 a year.

Brown is not a direct employee of the City Council, which means the City Council does not set his salary. He is an employee of the city manager.