All 29 Republican North Carolina state senators signed a letter sent to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper on Tuesday, April 21 asking for more information about COVID-19 and Cooper’s plan moving forward.

The letter begins by thanking Cooper for his concern for the health of the people of the state. But it notes that the executive branch is collecting more data about the coronavirus every day and that is not being shared with the people.

The letter states, “Unfortunately, North Carolina does not see that you have a plan to reopen our state. Details about factors you will use in determining when and how to reopen out state for business have not been revealed.

“You say you need more testing. Absent are any specifics as to how much more testing you determine is needed. It is also important to know the gap between that number and our existing capacity.”

The letter states that Cooper has said that more personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed, but has not provided information about how much is available and how much more is needed, noting that Wake County recently reported that it had several months supply of PPE on hand.

The letter states that the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services won’t release reports on how many people have recovered from COVID-19 and how many who died had serious underlying medical conditions, or even information such as the average age of those who have died.

The letter states, “Your administration has superior access to information, and has exclusive access to much of the data that has not been publicly disclosed. Transparency, not secrecy, will foster public trust during a pandemic.”

The letter closes with: “In summary: What is you plan, when will your administration begin releasing your plan, and when will your administration begin releasing, not withholding, key information? North Carolinians deserve to know. Lives and livelihoods are at stake.

“The undersigned legislators call on you to publish your plan to reopen North Carolina and to share the data that’s being withheld by your administration.”