Since April 14, ReOpen NC has been holding rallies on Tuesdays in Raleigh.

Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, ReOpen NC is taking its show on the road and holding rallies in five cities including Greensboro.

The Greensboro rally will be held at the Phill G. McDonald Plaza, which is off South Greene Street between the Greensboro city hall and the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro. The rally begins at 11 a.m. Featured speakers include Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mark Robinson from Greensboro and North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, a native of Guilford County.

The ReOpen NC rallies started on Tuesday April 14 when North Carolina was in the midst of the stay-at-home order from Gov. Roy Cooper that closed businesses deemed to be non-essential and outlawed travel outside the home unless it was for a purpose deemed essential. All bars and dine-in restaurants had been closed by a previous executive order from Cooper.

The original reason given for the stay-at-home order was to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases so that the healthcare system in the state would not be overwhelmed. According to ReOpen NC advocates, the curve had been flattened and it was evident the healthcare systems would not be overwhelmed, but Cooper kept the stay-at-home order in place until Friday, May 22 at 5 p.m. when the state went into Phase 2 of the reopening process.

ReOpen NC is a true grassroots organization that started out as a Facebook page that within weeks had 70,000 members.

In the latest executive order for Phase 2 of the reopening of the state, Cooper finally made it clear that First Amendment activities such as protests were not covered by the rules in the order.

Although some groups protesting in Raleigh during the stay-at-home order have garnered a lot of media attention by openly carrying weapons, no weapons will be allowed at the ReOpen NC event in Greensboro.

Reopen NC is also holding rallies in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville and Wilmington on Memorial Day.