A quote in the Rhino Times article on Jan. 24, 2024, based on the notes of 911 calls from Greensboro City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba’s house on Dec. 28, 2023, has attracted a considerable amount of attention.

The quote from what the city calls a CAD [Computer Aided Dispatch] report is “CALLER ADV CITY MANAGER IS KILLING HIS CHILDREN.”

The quote is correct but inaccurate. Not only is the word “killing” in the copy of the CAD report the Rhino Times had on Jan. 24, it is in the redacted CAD report that the city provided to the Rhino Times on Jan. 25. The CAD report from the city redacted (by hand) the words “CITY MANAGER” and “CHILDREN” from that line of the CAD report. However, it did not redact the word “KILLLING.”

On Jan. 25, the city also supplied the Rhino Times with redacted audio versions of the 911 calls made from Jaiyeoba’s house on Dec. 28. The word “killing” cannot be discerned from that redacted recording.

An email from Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan states, “Due to the seriousness of the allegation, I asked our GM 911 Director to review the actual audio.”

The response from Guilford Metro 911 Director Melanie Jones states, “I have reviewed the phone call, and the caller clearly states, ‘Taiwo Jaiyeoba, the city manager of Greensboro, is hitting his children. 10 Postbridge, 10 Postbridge.’  No further response is given and the call was disconnected.  Regrettably, the person that answered the call entered in the notes of the call that the city manager was “killing” his children, and that was not the caller’s statement.  This discrepancy will be addressed with the call taker, upon her return to work.  There was a lot of background noise on that call, and I can understand where she may have heard the different word.  But, when the call is slowed down, it is clearly “hitting.”

The quote, according to this new information should be “CALLER ADV CITY MANAGER IS HITTING HIS CHILDREN.” However, that information was not available when the original Rhino Times story was published.

The Rhino Times also reported that the 911 caller on Dec. 29 was male and that is incorrect, the caller was female, but the caller’s voice was altered so that it could not be recognized.

While much of the 911 call on Dec. 28 is difficult to understand, in part due to the background noise, it is clear that the caller says, “Hello, my dad is an abuser.”

The 911 caller also answers an unintelligible question from the 911 operator and says, “No he’s trying to save it.  I hit him and pushed him and his arm is broken.”

The police report from the Dec. 28 incident lists the “Crime incident(s)” as “Assault-Simple Physical” and three victims: Taiwo Jaiyeoba, male age 55, Ileria Jaiyeoba, female age 25, and Moyo Jaiyeoba, female age 19. According to the report, the case is open and no charges were filed.