The Greensboro City Council is holding a work session at 1 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 1.

The topic the City Council will be discussing at this work session has not been publicly disclosed.

Since City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba took office on Feb. 1, there has been notably less information released to the public about City Council meetings.

For this work session, several hours before the meeting was scheduled to begin, the public was still in the dark about what the City Council would be discussing.

Work sessions are City Council meetings that are supposed to be less formal than the regular twice a month City Council meetings, giving councilmembers an opportunity to discuss one or two topics in detail.  They usually have staff presentations on a topic and then, if there is time, a City Council discussion.  The City Council rarely takes votes in work sessions, but does make decisions by consensus.

In the past the staff presentations have been posted on the City Council website prior to the meeting, allowing average ordinary residents who pay the bills to view the presentation.

This is a “hybrid” meeting, which means people can participate in person in the Katie Dorsett Council Chamber or via Zoom.  It also means that the work session is televised.

But the total amount of information provided to the public about the topic of discussion is “B.1 2022-931 Review of Recommended Modifications to Existing City Ordinances

“Staff Presentation: Andrea Harrell.”

The agenda indicates that there is an attachment with more information about the presentation.

That additional information is in its entirety is: “2022-931 Review of Recommended Modifications to Existing City Ordinances.”

There are 30 chapters of city ordinances covering everything from Alcoholic Beverages, Cemeteries and Hazardous Waste Management to Nuisances, Massage and Bodywork Therapy and Railroads.

According to the agenda and the information provided to the public, the City Council work session on Thursday, Sept. 1 could be “recommended modifications” to any or all of those ordinances.

On Monday, Aug. 29, Mayor Nancy Vaughan said that she thought the work session was going to be on how ordinances could be modified to deal with some of the issues involving the homeless population in Greensboro.

How the city proposes to handle issues involving the homeless population is a topic of great interest to a large number of people, but from the information provided by the city to the public, those interested in the topic would have no way of knowing that was the topic that may be discussed.