Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) just released its passenger traffic numbers for August 2020, and that data shows that the airport is still struggling mightily when compared to the robust passenger numbers the airport was seeing at this time last year.

In August of 2019, air travelers in and out of Greensboro – and around the world for that matter – were happily jaunting across the country and the world in airplanes. However, now, one global pandemic later, those trips are much less frequent and much more onerous for travelers.

PTIA’s just-released passenger stats were presented to the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority – the board that oversees the airport – at the board’s Tuesday, Sept. 22 meeting. According to the ugly numbers, the number of airline passengers traveling in and out of PTIA was down a whopping 74 percent compared to those in August of 2019.

The calendar year to date number was down 62 percent when compared to the first eight months of 2019.

The number of cargo flights in and out of PTIA in August also dropped precipitously – those were down 38 percent compared to last year, with the cargo numbers falling 29 percent year to date.   Cargo numbers are holding up better than passenger stats because, even in a pandemic, people need to conduct purchases and the services of companies like Amazon and Fed Ex are still in high demand.

Though these numbers are greatly disappointing to airport staff they’re much better than the numbers earlier this year right after the pandemic hit. Not long after that, the airport had at least one day when there were more people working at PTIA than flying through it.

Airport staff used to project guesstimates of future air travel based on the number of seats offered by airlines at PTIA in future months. However, due to ongoing airline schedule changes, projected flights and seats for October 2020 aren’t being released by PTIA.