There’s one thing and one thing only that the citizens of Summerfield are talking about today.

The sole topic of discussion is a proposed large residential development – Summerfield Farms Village – the plans for which were unveiled at a Tuesday, Sept. 22 Summerfield Town Council meeting. At that meeting, developer, farm-owner and businessman David Couch unveiled plans for the 450-lot residential development that would obtain water and sewer services from the City of Greensboro.

Couch has been in discussions with both Greensboro and Guilford County to work out some of the details of the proposal he unveiled at the meeting.

A development of that size would be news in most cities or towns, but the reason the proposal resonates in Summerfield so loudly is that, for years, the town has been in a bitter and at times ugly civil war between the people in that town who are generally opposed to major development and those who are more accepting of it.

This Sept. 22 Town Council meeting with the proposal would have no doubt been boisterous in normal times. However, thanks to COVID-19, the only people in the room were the Town Council members, some county staff, media and Couch and his team, which includes well known attorney Tom Terrell.­

The meeting was broadcast over social media by the Town of Summerfield and by Don Wendelken, who runs a local newspaper and a popular Facebook page known as Summerfield Scoop.

“This is a big story,” Wendelken said. “I was floored last night.”

He said he even gasped when the first concept picture of the development was displayed at the meeting.

Wendelken said that clearly many of the talks regarding the development have been going on behind the scenes and Tuesday night was the big reveal.

At the meeting, Summerfield Mayor BJ Barnes had some very kind words for Couch. Barnes said that he knew Couch and knew his commitment to Summerfield, and Barnes added that he was confident that Couch would always keep the best interests of Summerfield front and center with the project.

Summerfield Farms Village must now begin to jump through many hoops that involve everything from getting the property rezoned from agricultural to residential to working out the details on water and sewer with both the City of Greensboro and Guilford County, which will also play a role.

More information about Summerfield Farms Village can be found here: