Guilford County’s Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) took a big hit in passenger traffic over the last three-plus years due to the pandemic and the restrictions.

However, airport administrators and staff have been using that time to upgrade many sections and services of the airport so that returning passengers will notice a much better facility as they start to fly again.

In recent years, the airport has updated – or constructed new – parking areas, terminal facilities, runways and passenger areas, all while continuing work on a giant aviation megasite that’s proving to be every bit as successful as economic development officials and others had hoped.

The airport’s August 2023 newsletter points out some of the changes that have been going on at PTIA – some that passengers will notice and some they might not.

The newsletter also highlights some of the improvements being made right now.

For one, new central escalators have been delivered to PTIA and are being installed.

With all the renovation projects, airport work crews are staggering the schedule so that travelers aren’t greatly inconvenienced. For examples, work is being limited to non-adjacent passenger areas so people won’t have to take too many extra steps to get where they need to go.

Some passengers will notice that there’s now brand new carpet under their feet.  The installation of new carpet at PTIA is nearly complete. The final floor sections at PTIA to be carpeted are those at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints, and those spots should be finished in early August.

Passengers may find themselves a little more comfortable in the airport terminal on these hot summer  days.  A new cooling system at PTIA is in place and functional – though airport workers are still calibrating the cooling tower and tweaking it to work as well as possible.

A rental car area improvement project at the airport is now “nearing substantial completion,” though supply chain issues are holding up some of that work for the time being.

Also, a rental car lot clearing project is near completion, though some erosion control measures are still being addressed by continuing work.

In another perhaps less noticeable but important change, a key runway renovation project is all but done. Runway 5R-23L is now open at full length after renovations. Some of the navigational aids on that runway aren’t yet up and running, however, since the FAA hasn’t flight-checked those systems.