Chief’s Corner, a video by Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott to update police employees, has a surprise ending this week that seems fitting in the hometown of O. Henry.

At the end of the video Scott announces his retirement on Jan. 31, 2020.  He did not explain the reason for that date, but did say that many in his police academy class had already retired and noted that there was a lot of speculation about how much longer he would continue to serve.

Scott joined the Greensboro Police Department in 1991 and was promoted from deputy chief to chief in March 2015 by City Manager Jim Westmoreland who retired in 2018.

In the video Scott says, “During the time between August and January things will remain the same. I’ll still be the chief. You’ll still be part of the organization in whatever your role is and we’ll still be doing what we do day to day.”

He also says that during the interim there will most likely be a chance for the public and those in the police department to give input on who will be the next chief and he says, “I highly suggest you do that.”