It appears Greensboro is planning to extend water and sewer service to the town of Pleasant Garden.

One of the wins listed for Greensboro for the 2023 session of the state legislature was $5.5 million for water and wastewater improvements for the town of Pleasant Garden. In the presentation on the legislative session, there was no explanation of why water and sewer improvements for Pleasant Garden was listed as a win for Greensboro.

But since Pleasant Garden does not provide water and sewer service for its residents, those water and sewer improvements are being proposed so that Greensboro can provide water and sewer service to commercial and industrial users in the town of Pleasant Garden.

The Greensboro City Council is scheduled to consider the proposed interlocal agreement at the Tuesday, Nov. 21 meeting.

According to that agreement, the state and Guilford County will be paying the cost estimated at $11 million. The proposed agreement states, “the Town has received, or is planning to receive financial support by the State of North Carolina and Guilford County in an amount anticipated to be $11 Million.”  Since the state allocation, according to the City of Greensboro, was $5.5 million, that would mean Guilford County would be paying the other $5.5 million. The agreement doesn’t indicate the party responsible for paying the additional cost if the project runs over $11 million estimate.

City Councilmember Zack Matheny expressed concern over the lack of information provided to the City Council about this proposed agreement.

In response to an email informing city councilmembers that the Pleasant Garden Town Council would be meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2 to consider the proposed agreement, Matheny responded, “I have to say, I am a little confused regarding this email. I have not received a copy of the interlocal agreement of what the city is considering to agree to.”

Matheny added, “I would think the Greensboro City Council needs to have an official briefing on this topic before it would be considered by Pleasant Garden. What is the background on Pleasant Garden’s relationship to the water authority?”

The Pleasant Garden Town Council special meeting on Nov. 2 to consider the proposed agreement was canceled and members of the Pleasant Garden Town Council have not received copies of the proposed agreement either.