Judging from the public hearing at the Tuesday, June 6 City Council meeting on the $749 million recommended 2023-2024 City of Greensboro budget, not many people care one way or the other about the city budget.

Or to be more precise, not many people care enough about the city budget to go down to city hall and talk about it.

There were a total of five speakers during the public hearing on the 2023-2024 budget.  During the public comment period where people can speak about non-agenda items, several speakers said that the minimum salary for city employees should be raised to $20 an hour and one speaker called for an across the board 10 percent raise for city employees, but they also made other points that were not budget related.

During the public hearing on the budget, Bill McNeil said he was delighted at the strategic energy plan passed by the City Council but dismayed at the lack of action to achieve the goals set in that plan.

Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter said that city departments were taking action to meet those goals but that it might not be reflected in the budget.

Drew Dix asked that the city find a way to fund Triad Stage, which recently “paused” its productions.  He noted that unlike the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, which the city did support, Triad Stage mainly used local talent.

Jason Hicks said that the minimum salary for city employees needed to be raised to $20 an hour.

The city manager’s recommended budget includes a 4-cent property tax increase and an 8.5 percent increase in water and sewer rates as well as increases in other city fees.

Linda Lea said that she was representing retired people and those on fixed incomes and said with the recent Guilford County tax hike, this was not a good time for the City of Greensboro to raise taxes.

She said that if taxes were raised, “Some citizens may have to give up their homes because they can’t afford it.”

Shekita Hayes said that as a working single parent and a homeowner it would be very hard for her to survive with another tax increase.

She said, “Let me keep food on my table, because I can’t get government assistance, I have to do it myself.”