On Oct. 10, the Greensboro City Council held a special meeting to approve funding to buy pallet shelters to provide housing for homeless people this winter.

At that meeting the City Council approved $535,000 to purchase 40 pallet shelters and it was estimated that what was named the “Doorway Project” would be up and running in January.

It appears now that the Doorway Project will be open ahead of schedule.

According to information provided by Mayor Nancy Vaughan, the city should receive the pallet shelters by Monday, Dec. 19 and they should be assembled by Friday, Dec. 23.

The plan is for people to be able to move into to the shelters by Christmas Eve, which should be a much appreciated Christmas gift for people who otherwise would be spending Christmas without a roof over their heads.

Vaughan said that the city had to wait for approval from the North Carolina Department of Insurance before placing the order for the 40 pallet shelters.

The pallet shelter village will be located at 3910 Clifton Road, the site of the former Folk Teen Center next to Pomona Park.  Vaughan said that those living in the immediate area had been notified about the new city facility for the homeless going up in their neighborhood.

The pallet shelters provide 64 square feet of living space and each unit has two single beds.

In November, the City Council allocated an additional $200,000 for “security/case/site management” for the Doorway Project.  The Interactive Resource Center (IRC) was the only agency that submitted an application to manage the project and reportedly is currently advertising for positions related to the Doorway Project.

Continuum of Care service providers will make referrals for people to be housed in the pallet shelters and the city plans to follow the same procedure that is already in place to provide housing.