District 3 City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Justin Outling both won and lost the May 17 primary.

Outling won because he finished second out of four and will face Mayor Nancy Vaughan on the ballot in the Tuesday, July 26 general election.

Outling lost because he finished a rather distant second to Vaughan, who both won the primary and a spot on the ballot for the general election.

Vaughan had 45 percent of the vote while Outling had 35 percent.

However, Outling doesn’t see it as a loss.  He noted that the incumbent mayor finished with less than 50 percent of the vote which according to Outling indicates that a majority of the voters want a new mayor.

Outling said, “The majority of the city knows Nancy Vaughan and voted against Nancy Vaughan.”

Outling took exception to the Rhino Times article that noted he had only won 13 precincts, stating that the race was not about winning precincts but about winning more votes.  He noted that while he didn’t win more votes than Vaughan, the three challengers – Outling, Eric Robert and Mark Cummings – together had more votes than Vaughan.

Outling said, “We will continue to share our message with those who voted against Nancy Vaughan, which is the majority of the voters in Greensboro.”

Outling said, “I have demonstrated a record of specific accomplishments that would not have happened without my leadership.”

He added, “I’m not taking credit for things for which I had no or marginal impact.”

Outling said that it was just as important to take action to make certain that businesses stay in Greensboro as it was to recruit new industry.  Outling gave the example of VF moving its corporate headquarters to Denver and said that Vaughan didn’t know about the move until it was announced and that showed a “lack of leadership.”

As the precinct breakdown indicates, Vaughan defeated Outling in almost all the predominately black precincts in east Greensboro as well as most of the predominately white precincts in northwest Greensboro.  The vast majority of the precincts Outling won are in City Council District 3, which he has represented since 2015.