The old News & Record site could be a gem in the heart of downtown Greensboro.

The 6.5 acre site on East Market between Davie and Church streets was the home of the News & Record from 1976 to 2020.

However, according Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) President and City Councilmember Zack Matheny, the site of the old News & Record facility is now “a known drug house and a nuisance to the entire city.”

Matheny, as president of DGI, wrote that in a letter to Berkshire Hathaway, the owner of the property, and also noted that there was recently a murder on the site.

Matheny states, “The ‘smaller’ building where Tiffany was murdered, pictured below, is covered in graffiti and continues to be a haven for the unsheltered performing various illegal acts.”

Matheny adds, “The blight your firm has placed on our city is detrimental to people’s health, and to the businesses trying to survive around this nuisance of a property.”

Matheny ends his letter stating, “Our hope is Berkshire Hathaway will step up, clear the building ASAP, and take care of their property as they do in Omaha. This has gone on for too long. I also ask that city folks that are included in this email to gather the last few years of Public Safety call records, including fire. I also think that code compliance needs to enter the building for public safety purposes.”

In June 2023, it was announced that the Ryan Companies, along with TH3 Partners, had a purchase agreement for the old News & Record site. The property had been listed for sale for $11 million in 2021. The estimated cost of developing the site with 500,000 square feet of office space and 400 multifamily units was $300 million to $400 million, but today the vacant buildings continue to deteriorate and the weeds continue to grow.

And, as Matheny states in his letter, the site that has such potential is currently a “nuisance” property.