Serving on a City Council appointed board or commission is not only a service to the community, it’s also great way for someone who thinks they may be interested in politics to get their feet wet.

An extreme example of that is North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis who started out on the Town of Cornelius Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in 2002. In 2011 he was elected Speaker of the North Carolina State House and in 2014 to the US Senate.  Not everyone goes from a local board to the US Senate in 12 years but Tillis proves it can be done.

For those who want to serve on Greensboro boards or commissions now is a good time to get started because of the 20-some boards and commissions appointed by the City Council 17 have vacancies.

If you’re thinking about serving, there are some forms you need to fill out with the City Clerks office, but if you want to cut to the chase call your district councilmember or one of the three at large councilmembers, because someone on the City Council has to nominate you.  Without a nomination all the forms in the world are not going to get you on a board or commission where you will get to work long hours for free.

The boards and commissions with current openings or that will have openings soon are:

Bryan Park Golf Commission

Commission on the Status of Women

Guilford County Historic Preservation Commission

Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission

Greensboro Guilford County Tourism Development Authority

Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission

Greensboro Housing Authority

Greensboro Parks and Recreation Commission

Greensboro Public Library Board of Trustees

Greensboro Transit Advisory

Human Relations Commission

Minimum Housing Standards Commission

Planning Board

Redevelopment Commission

Solid Waste Management Commission

War Memorial Commission

Zoning Commission

That list pretty much covers what city government does, so if there is nothing on that list that interests you, city government might not be your thing.