If someone were to guess the favorite TV show of 2023 for North Carolinians, they would probably still guess “The Andy Griffith Show,” even though it stopped filming new episodes in the last century.

However, a new study of  North Carolinian’s favorite shows in 2023 – based on GToogle searches for television shows –  will no doubt be surprising to some.

For shows released in 2023, the most popular in North Carolina based on the average number of google searches by people in the state over the past year was “Black Mirror.”

The research, which was conducted by CSGO gambling site CSGOLuck, looked at monthly Google searches from January to December 2023 to find out which TV shows released last year were the most popular in each state.

“Black Mirror,” the cutting edge, often dark, often sci-fi-based series, proved to be North Carolina’s favorite TV show of 2023, with 13,938 monthly searches across the state.

“The Crown” and “Frasier” ranked second and third in North Carolina, according to the study.

While Black Mirror isn’t the cup of tea of many viewers in the state, the long-awaited Season 6 of the much-loved dystopian Netflix thriller came out in June 2023 to a great deal of interest with a cast that included Salma Hayek and other major stars.

North Carolina isn’t alone: “Black Mirror” also ranked as the most searched-for show in 49 of the 50 states, according to the study.

The Netflix series “The Crown” ranked as North Carolina’s second most-searched TV show of 2023 with 8,573 monthly searches.

Ranking third was the American sitcom “Frasier.” A new version of the old NBC show, which originally aired between 1993 and 2004, was brought back for a series reboot in 2023.

 Other shows completing the top ten were “Happy Valley,” “Party Down,” “Beef,” “You,” “The Last of Us,” “Barry” and  “The Power.”