As usual, Iowa came first, then New Hampshire, and now the media is focused on the upcoming primary in South Carolina.

Despite the fact that it isn’t big news yet, North Carolina will be holding its 2024 primary elections in just over a month, on Tuesday, March 5.

Early voting starts in two weeks, on Feb. 15.

This election does require those voting in person to present photo identification. However, there are ways to vote for people who don’t present a photo ID at the polls. For instance, if you simply forgot your photo ID, after you vote you can present your photo ID at the Board of Elections offices in Greensboro or High Point and have your vote counted.

Voter turnout is driven by the top of the ballot. The presidential race at the top of the ballot usually means heavy voter turnout, but in 2024 it appears that former President Donald Trump has the Republican primary all sewed up as most of the candidates listed on the ballot have already dropped out. President Joe Biden only has to beat “No Preference” on the Democratic ballot to win.

Even at the top of the ticket for statewide races, the gubernatorial primaries are not too exciting this year. In the Democratic primary, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is polling at over 50 percent. In the Republican primary Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has about a 25 point lead over Bill Graham and North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell, according to recent polls.

Some voters in Guilford County who haven’t been paying close attention may be shocked when they get to the congressional races. Two years ago all of Guilford County was in the 6th Congressional District. For the 2024 election, Guilford County is divided into three congressional districts, the 5th, the 6th and the 9th.

Much of Greensboro went from the 6th District, currently represented by Democrat Congresswoman Kathy Manning, to the 5th District, currently represented by Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

By far the most popular or populated race in either primary is the Republican primary for lieutenant governor, with 11 candidates.