At the moment, it doesn’t appear that Hurricane Dorian is going to come as far west as Greensboro, but hurricanes, even with all the current technology, are difficult to predict.

If Dorian or another hurricane or natural disaster heads for Greensboro, here is good news about Greensboro’s infrastructure: Even if a hurricane knocked out electrical service for the entire city, the city water system would still operate.

Not only does the water system have its own generators, it has diesel backup pumps. If the electricity were to go off, Greensboro can switch over to the diesel-powered system and provide water for the city for one to two weeks without any additional deliveries.

It’s hard to imagine a disaster that would cause the electrical system to go out and cut Greensboro off from the rest of the world for two weeks, but if that happens, Greensboro water customers would still be OK. So no matter what the forecast is, there is no need for people on the Greensboro water system to go out and buy cases of bottled water.

Last year Mayor Nancy Vaughan was blasted on her Facebook page for a post where she said there was no need to buy water if you live in Greensboro, but she is right.

It does make sense for those who depend on wells for their water to stock up on bottled water for an emergency, but not for those who have Greensboro city water, whether they live in the city or not.