Good news for the few voters in Guilford County who plan to vote but have not yet voted – no lines and no waiting.

In a random check of three polling places there were no lines at all, which means voters came in the door, walked up to the proper table, registered and voted.

The only thing that is slower than in previous years is filling in all those little ovals. But when you consider that about half a page of the two page ballot is filled with judges who are running unopposed, there aren’t even as many ovals to fill out as it seems – except for those voters who want to vote in every race. However, the candidates running unopposed for judge only need one vote to win. If they remember to vote for themselves, they should be all right.

The Guilford County Board of Elections office reported no lines of note anywhere in the county, or at least no lines long enough for someone to notify the elections office. And it reported about noon that voting appeared to be going smoothly except for an early morning glitch at one precinct.

So for those who haven’t voted, there is no reason to worry about it taking hours to vote. And those who waited hours to vote early might want to consider waiting until Election Day next time.

According to the elections office, the unofficial count for early voting is 191,477, and that does not include all the people who voted by absentee ballot.

Each polling place has a list of voters registered in that precinct who already voted. According to a poll worker, in a normal election the list at the precinct is about 10 pages long. Today the list was 51 pages long, which is a good indication of the number of voters who decided to get voting out of the way early this year.

Many feared that the lines in this presidential election year would be exceedingly long on Election Day, and like many predictions about this election that one turned out to be wrong.

It won’t be until later tonight when the many other predictions that were wrong will be revealed.