Wow.  Just when it seemed like we were going to have an election, the North Carolina Supreme Court has suspended filing for all offices and delayed the March 8 primary to May 17.

The unsigned NC Supreme Court decision states, “Defendants are hereby enjoined from conducting elections for any public offices in the state on Tuesday, March 8, 2022 and, consistent with the response and affidavit of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, defendants instead are directed to hold primaries for all offices on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.”

The court did not set the filing period for the newly scheduled primary election but authorized the trial court to do so. 

Those who have already filed to run for office in the March 8 primary will be filed for the May 17 primary, unless they decide to withdraw.

The Greensboro City Council election had already been delayed from the October primary and November general election in 2021 to a March 8, 2022 primary and a general election either on April 26 or May 17, depending on whether there was a runoff in one of the 14 congressional races or the US Senate race.

Now the primary has been delayed by over two months and the date of the general election for the Greensboro City Council has not been set.  The City Council terms were extended until new members of the City Council could be sworn in after the general election, so the terms are extended again at least until June and possibly later.

The North Carolina Supreme Court made the ruling on a lawsuit over redistricting without holding a hearing and nothing has been released to indicate how the Supreme Court justices voted, but the current Supreme Court has a four to three Democratic majority and the Republican North Carolina General Assembly was responsible for the redistricting.

In a press release, Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell), who co-chairs the Senate Elections Committee, said, “The court didn’t even articulate a legal or factual basis for suspending elections. The Democrats on the Supreme Court want districts that elect more Democrats, so they’re blocking every election in the state until they get their way.”

The press release also states, “The court did not cite any basis in law for its move and did not criticize the maps. It reached its secretive decision based only on two affidavits. The secretive, unnamed decision only states that elections are blocked because the case is ‘important’ and of ‘public interest.’”