The upcoming elections next year are going to be very interesting and monumentally important, and, if you want to have your rightful say in the outcomes, you need to register to vote if you haven’t already.

To help people remember to do just that, there will be some special events on Tuesday, Sept. 19, which is National Voter Registration Day.

On that day, a lot of places locally and nationally will make it easy to register.  The High Point Public Library, for instance, will provide voter registration forms and related resources all day long in the library’s first-floor lobby.

In fact, the library is expanding the event to be much more than a single day. From Wednesday, Sept. 6 through Wednesday, Oct. 11 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays the library will staff a Voter Registration Information Table to help people register. (Those interested can contact the library for specific times on those days.)

The High Point library’s actions are a local instance of something that’s taking place nationally.  On Sept. 19, the same type of thing will be happening elsewhere across the country as a coalition of thousands of partners celebrate National Voter Registration Day – the day of record for the movement that’s aimed at getting every single eligible American registered to vote in time for the upcoming local elections and next year’s presidential primaries.

Partner organizations ranging from libraries and college campuses to Fortune 500 companies will be part of the coordinated effort to get everyone registered.

The website, provides comprehensive and state-specific resources on all things related to voter registration as well as on more general voting matters.